VOLKSWAGEN Golf 5 Doors Golf VIII 5 Doors 2019 - 2022

Generation Information

Body style: Hatchback

Segment: Compact

Volkswagen had been producing the Golf VII for 5 years now, and the Golf VIII is a very important model.
It shares the same chassis with its older brother, and we could say that the Golf VIII’s interior looks pretty avant-garde, having two large touchscreens. They can be used with gesture controls as well. The rather clean design has no physical buttons and is equipped with touch sensitive surfaces.

For the automatic transmission, the regular lever has been replaced by a little paddle. In front of the paddle there’s a surface that allows wireless charging for the phone. The infotainment system has sharp graphics and the driver and passengers can connect their drives via the Apple Car play or the Android Auto. For Android users, the device can only be connected with a wire. Voice commands are also available for this model. For example, the driver could ask the intelligent system to start heating the seat(s).

The car can also be equipped with Automatic Park Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control with predictive speed detection. The new Golf is super easy to drive and has good visibility. The steering is both nice and light. It is equipped with progressive brakes, but very efficient in case of emergency.

The adaptive suspension can be chosen as an option and the suspension’s stiffness can be manually modified. Ambient colors are also an option and have multiple pre-defined combinations.

VOLKSWAGEN Golf 5 Doors 2019 2022

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