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VOLKSWAGEN Polo Coupe   1982 1990
1982 1990

Volkswagen tried to make a bigger lineup for its small-segment vehicle, the Polo and introduced it as a sedan with two doors in 1982.
For starters, the Polo was made by Volkswagen using the Audi 50 platform, and while the four-rings brand had to go on and became a premium vehicle, the VW had to remain in the mass-market category with vehicles like the Polo, Golf, Passat or Jetta. The Polo was available with three bodyworks: a three-door hatchback, a three-door station wagon and a two-door coupe, also known as Derby.

On the outside, the Polo kept the same front fascia as its siblings, with a pair of round headlights and a black plastic grille with horizontal slats between them. Its exterior design was closer to the three-door hatchback but with an added trunk in the back. The wide horizontal taillights prevented the carmaker from making a deeper trunk lid in the rear, resulting in a high loading area.

Inside, the Polo Classic/Derby featured a flat, minimalist-design dashboard with a center stack for the stereo installed as an option next to the driver’s area. Depending on the engine option and trim level, Volkswagen installed two large dials inside the instrument cluster. The carmaker mounted a big clock for the base versions, while for the upper trim levels, it offered a tachometer. Unlike its hatchback sibling, the three-door version didn’t feature a folding rear seat.

Under the hood, the little Polo Classic/Derby featured a choice of three engines designed for fuel-efficiency. All of them were paired to a four-speed manual gearbox.

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