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BMW 335
BMW 335   1939 1941
1939 1941

The most luxurious car built by BMW before the WWII started was the 335 model.
Its ambitions were to keep up with Mercedes-Benz models in terms of comfort, luxury, and performance.

The Bavarian company started to be noticed by the market, especially after the 328 roadster started to win races after races. It had won 100 races in 1937, including the British race RAC Tourist Trophy. The 326 model already got its own customers. Soon after the 326, the 327 coupe and cabriolet were also noticed for their luxury, performance, and comfort. The 326 had four doors and it offered comfort, but not too much performance from its 2.0-liter engine. Considering this, the carmaker decided to make a bold move into the luxury class, with a bigger engine and more comfort.

The 335 was shown for the first time at the London Motor Show in 1934. The car was 23 cm (9”) longer than the 326. That increase was needed to accommodate the larger, 3.5-liter engine. With its raked and curved to the back front grille, the 335 resembled the same front fascia as the 327. But it was bigger than that model. While the 327 was available as a coupe and 2-door cabriolet, the 335 came as a 4-door coupe and cabriolet, plus a 2-door cabriolet.

Inside the cabin, there were more similarities with the 326 and the 327 with square dials for the speedometer, fuel level, coolant temperature, and an elegant clock in front of the front passenger.

The longer wheelbase and enhanced suspension made the car more comfortable than the 326 and the 3.5-liter, 90 hp unit with higher torque gave its customers the desired performance. A little over 400 units were built, from which 233 were four-door sedans.

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