BMW M3 Sedan G80 2020 - 2022

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The BMW M3 was one of the most iconic models in the German’s brand lineup.
It was the car that M-madness in the mid-’80s and it continued ever since.

After BMW decided to split its 3-series in two, with the 4-Series for the coupe versions and the 3-Series for the Sedan and station-wagon versions, the rumors about the retirement of an M3 version started to spread. But the M3 didn’t die; it just got better.

The seventh generation of the BWM 3 Series was introduced in 2018, but the M3 fans had to wait for another two years to get the top-spec version. The 2020 M3 featured a redesigned front bumper with more aggressive styling. A muscular stance and the flared arches ensured an important image for the sportiest 3-Series. The specific 18” light-alloy wheels were fitted as standard. In the back, the car was fitted with four exhausts. An optional performance package gathered all four pipes in the middle.

Inside, the car was fitted with sport-bucket seats as standard. The instrument cluster featured a TFT color display and, on the center stack, the infotainment system was installed. It featured connectivity via Apple CarPlay and it could support Android phones. If the car was fitted with the automatic gearbox, it was fitted with a pair of paddle-shifters as well.

Under the hood, the M3 surprised its customers with the introduction of the all-wheel-drive system. It was the first M3 in history to send its power to all four wheels. The standard gearbox was a six-speed manual. For that, the power went exclusively to the rear wheels. The xDrive version was available only in conjunction with the 8-speed automatic.

BMW M3 Sedan 2020 2022

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