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BMW Z4 Coupe Z4 M Coupe E86
BMW Z4 Coupe Z4 M Coupe E86 2006 2009
2006 2009

Designed to carry two passengers and some luggage at a fast pace, the 2006 BMW Z4 M-Coupe was a three-door fastback vehicle, based on the Z4-roadster model.
BMW had a big success with the Z3 M Coupe, even though it was designed as a shooting-brake. For its successor, the Z4 M-Coupe, it decided to change the strategy. While the Z3 Coupe was developed by a group of enthusiast BMW engineers, the Z4-Coupe was part of the Z4 project since the beginning.

With its low hood, raked A-pillars, and sloped-back roofline, the Z4 Coupe inspired force, speed and passion. It wasn’t a car for someone to bring its kids from school. It was bad for moving out as well. But it was great to set a lap-time over a race-track. The big tailgate in the back was unusually raked, especially for a BMW. The M version featured a quad exhaust, with the pipes mounted on the outside of the rear bumper, to make the car looked wider.

Inside, the leather upholstery was a standard fit on the sport-bucket seats. With a high center console between the occupants, the Z4 Coupe amplified the sensation of a driver’s car, which it was. The instrument cluster was inspired by the M-versions, with a binocular style design. Between the individual “tunnels” for the speedometer and tachometer, the Z3 M-Coupe was fitted with an LCD as well.

Under the hood, the sport-compact coupe was fitted with the same E46 M3 engine. The 3.25-liter, 6-cylinders unit, offered the same power as its bigger brother.

Full Description and Technical Specifications
BMW Z4 Coupe E86
BMW Z4 Coupe  E86 2006 2009
2006 2009

With an exterior look created by a Danish designer, the Z4 was fun to drive and affordable compared to other competitors in its class.
Reaching its 4th generation, the Z4 came with a fresher design that appealed to many of the brand’s fans.

The Z4 kept some of the references of an historical car, such as the large hood and the sloping roof.

Not only the exterior was attractive, as the new engines boasted even more power, reaching 215 hp with the 3.0-liter power plant. The fuel consumption was also reduced compared to the previous generation of the engines.

Available as a 2-seat roadster or a coupe for 2006. The coupe had a fixed roof that improved the body’s rigidity, thus also enhanced overall handling. The styling was even more appealing.

The cabin featured a simple cockpit and clean, easy to use controls. Wood trims were also available, however, the standard metallic trim was a real eye-catcher.

Safety wise, the Z4 came with antilock disc brakes and a stability control system. Also, side airbags, active knee protection and rollover protection were included.

While the Z4 earned a 3-star rating for side-impact, it managed to score 5 stars out of 5 for frontal impact.

Fun to drive, not very expensive, and extremely stylish, the Z4 seemed to be a complete package for the passionates.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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