FERRARI F149 California

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FERRARI F149 California
FERRARI F149 California   2012 2017
2012 2017

The 2012 update for the Ferrari California brought more enjoyment for the “Prancing Horse” fans.
The Italian manufacturer kept the main characteristics of the original 2008 model and added some spice and luxury to the retractable-roof sports car.

Of course, every Ferrari enthusiast will ask for more power on their car. This is why Ferrari squeezed 30 more horsepower from the 4.3 liter-engine, reaching a whooping 490 HP and an increased torque from 485 Nm (357 lb-ft) to 505 Nm (371 lb-ft). The Ferrari engineers obtained these values with a newly design exhaust that retains the original sound of the vehicle. The facelift model also resolved the initial problem of the 4,3 liter-engine, which lead to a recall for 200 vehicles. The original engine had a problem with the crankshaft, which was machined incorrectly on some of the cars and led the engines to suddenly freeze.

A new Handling Speciale (HS) version was added to the California option list. This gave the clients a more dynamic driving experience. The option also added a silver color and ventilation blisters behind the front wheels. The suspension for the HS has magnetorheological dampers controlled by the ECU for a better response and more precise body control. Also, the HS has a different steering ratio, giving the car a 2.3 turns lock-to-lock instead of the standard 2.5 for the other versions.

Full Description and Technical Specifications
FERRARI F149 California
FERRARI F149 California   2008 2011
2008 2011

The Ferrari California took a name from the past and brought it to the present with a perspective for the future.
It evokes the glorious 1957 250 California, a beautiful car design for the road and track but with an open top.

The bodywork shows a retractable open-top and a 2+2 passenger architecture option on top of the two seater standard vehicle. As usual on any exclusive Ferrari model, the interior is garnished with fine leather and beautifully hand-made stitches on the steering wheel and seats.

The California received the a new 8-cylinder engine version originally built for the faster versions of the Ferrari line-up. It comes with direct injection and offers 460 HP/7.750 rpm from a 4.3-liter, naturally aspirated engine and a maximum torque of 485 Nm (357 lb-ft). The Ferrari California will be equipped with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox with paddle-shifters behind the steering-wheel, in F1-style.

In order to balance the car, Ferrari installed the engine in the front and the gearbox in the rear (transaxle-system), which leads to a 47:53 front:rear weight distribution. Also, a newly developed suspension was given to the California with a double wishbone on the front axle and a new multilink system in the rear. The 599 GTB Fiorano’s Suspension Control System SCM Magnetorheological is available as an option.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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