FIAT 130 Limousine

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FIAT 130 Limousine 130 2800/3200 Limousine
FIAT 130 Limousine 130 2800/3200 Limousine  1969 1976
1969 1976

After the successful models of 2300, the Italian car-maker Fiat launched the 130 model.
It was shorter by its name, but with bigger engines and more comfort.

Fiat was back on track in the late ’60s, offering cars for every taste. It offered vehicles from small and economic, up to luxury vehicles that could stand side by side with the German industry, such as the 130 model. Powerful engines, large interiors, great handling, and modern suspension raised the bar for other car manufacturers.

The 130 said goodbye to the old body styles with fenders higher than the hood. The 130 aligned its design language with the 124 model, with its headlights enclosed in the grille, under the hood-line. The door handles were shaped inside the door-panels, flush with the bodywork. The car featured slim pillars for the greenhouse, with good help for the visibility. In the back, the straight trunk lid covered a big luggage compartment, fit for large suitcases.

Inside, the high dashboard for the driver and lowered in front of the side passenger was new for the market and very praised at the time of its arrival. The wheelbase was very long for the era and that allowed plenty of legroom for the rear passengers.

Under the hood, Fiat installed V6 engines designed by the famous engineer Aurelio Lamperdi, who designed engines for Ferrari, both for road and Formula 1 cars. The engines were mated to a standard 5-speed manual gearbox or an option for a 3-speed automatic. For their biggest luxury car, Fiat installed four wheels independent suspension based on the McPherson struts. In those times, most of the other car manufacturers had live axles in the rear.

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