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FIAT Doblo
FIAT Doblo   2015 2022
2015 2022

The facelifted version of the Fiat Doblo was introduced in 2015 at the Geneva Motor Show.
Despite being a utility van, it was factory built as an MPV as well.

In 2000, Fiat decided to build a utility vehicle that could cover most of the urban needs for a small shop. It was a huge success and, in 2010, it introduced the second generation. It was offered in a few sizes, to fit everyone’s needs and pockets.

The 2015 Doblo MPV was more about sense than styling. It was a very practical vehicle, easy to drive, with great visibility and a huge luggage area. But the styling was not completely removed from the equation. Its new, swept-back headlights, the ascending beltline for the windows, and the tall greenhouse were specific for its class. The flared wheel-arches created a sportier look, even though it was not quite a sporty vehicle. In the back, the Doblo was available with either a liftgate or two half-doors.

Inside, the Doblo MPV featured a dashboard that resembled most of the van’s version, but with new additions. The steering wheel was different and an infotainment system with a 5” touch-screen was installed. Depending on the version, the car was available with up to seven seats. The last two were placed in the trunk area and could have been removed and left in the garage to increase the trunk space.

For the drivetrain, the Doblo MPV was fitted with a choice of gasoline and diesel engines. On specific markets it was available with CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) as well. The manual gearbox was the only option for most of the versions. Only the 1.6-liter 90 hp was available with a 5-speed automatic.

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FIAT Doblo
FIAT Doblo   2010 2015
2010 2015

Fiat introduced the second generation Doblo in November 2009.
The Italian automaker tried this time to create a more appealing family vehicle and not just a spacious practical utility vehicle. Both the front an rear fascias were revamped and the interior was completely redesigned. Using the Fiat/GM SCSS platform used by Fiat Qubo, Alfa Romeo MiTo and Opel Corsa, the new Doblo boasts the largest wheelbase in its class at 2755 mm (108.46 in). The car uses a new set of bi-link rear suspension system available with various component calibrations depending on vehicle application and standard ESP and hill-holder systems.

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FIAT Doblo
FIAT Doblo   2005 2010
2005 2010

Starting with 2005, all vehicles sold in the EU had to comply with the Euro 4 pollution norms, and Fiat chose that year to introduce the facelift for the Doblo range.
Even if it was designed as a light utility vehicle, the Doblo was a very good and competitive MPV on the market. One of the most important differences between the Italian vehicle and its competitors was the independent rear suspension, which ensured a higher comfort level over bumpy roads.

After the big fail with the Fiat Multipla design, the Italian carmaker decided to introduce the Doblo in that segment. The car was available in two length versions and offered room for up to seven passengers. Its look was closer to a utility vehicle than to a minivan, but its functions were the same. The facelifted model featured numerous modifications on the front fascia, where there were bigger headlights and a new grille with the blue Fiat badge in the middle. The designers installed a ventilation area for the engine and two side-pods for the fog-lights on the lower bumper. In the back, the corner-mounted taillights were bigger and offered better visibility from behind.

The interior was enhanced with the introduction of a new infotainment unit, offered as an option, on top of the center stack. Fiat kept the transmission mounted upper, on the dashboard, instead of the floor-mounted one. Despite the new, enhanced design of the panels, the materials used had a similar quality as on the non-facelifted version.

Under the hood, Fiat installed only Euro4 engines. There was a choice of five engine versions, and the new 1.3-liter diesel proved to be one of the most fuel-efficient from its class.

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FIAT Doblo
FIAT Doblo   2001 2004
2001 2004

While the French had already released their versions of a van-based family, Fiat released the Doblo.
The first Doblo was sold in 2001.The car proved its utility and in 2006 was awarded the “International Van of the Year”. The car was based on the Fiat Strada’s platform and was manufactured in Turkey, in a Fiat’s subsidiary factory. The vehicle competed with another two cars in its segment, the Citroen Berlingo and the Renault Kangoo.
The most important aspect of the Doblo is that it can carry up to 730 kg and had an interior volume of 3.2 cubic meters, but it also has a heavy commercial use. It was available with 5 seats and the passenger access was very easy as the car was equipped with a sliding door.
The trim levels available were the S, SX and ELX. The standard version of the Dolbo was not equipped with air conditioning, electric powered side mirrors nor a central locking system.
The Doblo was available with three engines, 1.4-liter gasoline, 1.3-liter diesel and 1.9-liter diesel.
Starting with 2004, the Doblo was also available with a 7-seat option and in 2005, the Cargo version was available with a longer wheelbase. The new models in 2005 were available in three new trim levels: Active, Dynamic and Family.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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