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INFINITI Q70   2018 2022
2018 2022

It seems that the main focus of Infiniti was to create luxurious cars, regardless of the class.
The Q70 went 5 years without any upgrades and for 2018, Infiniti decided to take a step forward and redesign their luxury sedan.

The exterior design of the Q70 was all about elegance and functionality with its aerodynamic body shape. And the same applied to the luxurious interior.

The cabin offered generous room for both the front and the rear passengers. An elevated center console along with the wraparound dashboard gave the driver the feeling of driving a sports car. The seats were very comfortable and highly adjustable.

The overall quality of the materials used inside the Q70 was high, with leather and metal-finish accents all around.

Two trim levels were available with the Q7, the 3.7 Luxe and the 5.6 Luxe. Of course, the numbers indicated the engine mounted on each trim level. Additionally, a long-wheelbase model and a hybrid version were available.

Both trim levels came with a rear-wheel-drive system and an optional all-wheel-drive, with the exception of the hybrid.

The 3.7-liter V6 engine developed 330 hp and came with a sunroof, a dual-zone automatic climate control, heated front seats and an optional no-cost Essential package.

The 5.6 Luxe powered by the 5.6-liter V8 engine that developed 420 hp included the features offered for the 3.7 Luxe and added heated steering wheel, parking sensors, leather upholstery, an 8-inch touchscreen display and a premium Bose 10-speaker audio system.

Several other packages were available, such as the ProActive package that added advanced safety features, and, the Sport package with upgraded brakes and suspension, a better audio system and 20-inch wheels.

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INFINITI Q70   2013 2018
2013 2018

In 2013, Infiniti renamed its entire range and, along with it, the M-series received the Q70 badge.
But it wasn’t only about the badge. It also about the new technologies brought in.

Nissan’s luxury brand is well known in the U.S. and less appreciated in other parts of the world. But its vehicles sure does something different to offer. The design, the technology, and the interior solutions were special for this brand, which was like an underdog to the German rivals.

The fluid lines of the bodywork resembled the biodesign era, but with a maturity that wasn’t reached when that style was the main trend. Its fluid lines made the car look like it was sculpted in liquid metal, with sculptured side panels that looked like waves. The front grille was a combination between 90 degrees angles and curved lines that surrounded the mesh.

Inside, the Q70 offered genuine leather for the contact zones and man-made leather for the areas that usually were not touched. The instrument cluster somehow resembled other Infiniti and Nissan models, but it was hard to find a flaw in their design. An infotainment unit was placed on top of the dashboard with touch-screen control. For the Bose audio system, the manufacturer installed speakers in the front seats so the passengers could hear the music better without pumping up the volume.

The US models went on sale in 2014 model year vehicles. Early models included 3.7, 3.7 AWD, 5.6, 5.6 AWD, and Hybrid. For the European market, a 2.2-diesel unit from Mercedes-Benz was available. The standard transmission was a 7-speed automatic.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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