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LANCIA Theta   1913 1919
1913 1919

Produced between 1913 and 1918 by Lancia, the Theta was the bigger brother of the Lancia Epsilon.
The Lancia Theta was also known as the Lancia 25/35 hp or the Tipo 61.

The first vehicle to feature a complete electrical system, the Theta exceeded 1,000 units.

Revealed for the first time in 1913 at the London Motor Show, the Theta began selling by the end of the same year.

Having plenty of the most advanced features available on the market at that time, the vehicle had a long life production, even surviving the WWI, selling a total of 1696 units.

The standard electrical system was developed by the Americans (Rushmore system) and operated with a 6V. It also included a started motor with pedal control, headlights, a rear light, dashboard lightning and a button for the horn.

The braking was also improved thanks to the Lancia’s modified gearbox that was equipped with a chain that used the lining against the drum.

The engine mounted on the Theta, although it was not a new one, was still reliable and powerful, delivering around 70 hp. Although the Theta had a heavy chassis, the vehicle could even reach 120 km/h.

The Theta was later replaced by the Lancia Kappa.

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