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LAND ROVER Range Rover 3 Doors
LAND ROVER Range Rover 3 Doors   1988 1993
1988 1993

Maybe the SUV-coupe shape was invented by other carmakers, but Land Rover was the first to offer a three-door premium off-road-er on the market since 1970.
By 1988, the Land Rover Range rover was already 18 years old and the British carmaker still built it and applied new features. It was so old that it became a classic living legend on wheels. But the customers still loved it. Moreover, since it was available in a five-door configuration, the sales went through the roof. Soon, nobody ordered the three-door version. What Land Rover did? It introduced a final 3-door series and named it “Special edition” and the orders started to pile up.

The SUV featured the same round headlights from its original model. Its grille with vertical slats was ended on the upper side by the hood and on the lower side by the wrapped-around bumper. On the sides, it was the same classic design with flat aluminum panels and a rubber band between the front and rear wheel arches. In the back, Land Rover kept the same split-opening system from the original, 1971, Range Rover.

Inside, the car was completely refreshed. The customers paid big money for a luxurious 4x4 vehicle so they had to be pampered properly. So, Land Rover did what a British carmaker knew how to do: it mixed fine leather with expensive, real-wood veneers. A powerful sound system and an efficient climate control unit filled the center stack. The dashboard’s shape was similar to the one from the five-door version, with a narrow top and a short instrument cluster in front of the driver.

Under the hood, Land Rover installed the same drivetrains from the rest of the range. It provided two V-8 gasoline units and a 2.5-liter turbo-diesel. Either if they were paired to a manual or an automatic transmission, they featured a transfer case with high and low range, plus a locking center differential.

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