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MAYBACH 62  V240 2002 2012
2002 2012

In the early 2000s, Mercedes-Benz revived the old, ultra-luxury, brand, Maybach.
It tried to make it a direct competitor with Rolls Royce and Bentley. The Maybach 62 was the top model.

Maybach used to be one of the most luxurious vehicles built in Germany before WWII. Their main expertise was in engines and transmissions and that is why the company mostly sold chassis with engines, transmissions, and dashboards to be bodied by independent coachbuilders. In 2002, Mercedes-Benz relaunched the Maybach brand with two vehicles: 57 and 62. The numbers were according to the length of the vehicles, expressed in meters. The 62 was the longer version, with more features and a bigger price-tag.

The exterior of the car resembled the design of another successful luxury car: the S-Class. The headlights were different, with a specific twin-lights design. The grille had a similar shape to that of an S-Class, but with vertical slats. Unlike the S-Class, the Maybach 62 featured an additional glass area behind the rear doors. But the biggest differences were inside.

For the driver, there was a comfortable vehicle at the same level as an S-Class. In the rear, it was a different story. The luxurious vehicle featured two seats with a refrigerator between them. The electrically adjustable individual seats allowed more support for the legs, just like in an airplane at Business Class.

Under the hood, there was a 5.5-liter twin-turbo engine with 12 cylinders. Since the total output of the engine was too high for the newly developed 7G-Tronic gearbox, the Maybach 62 featured an older, but tougher, 4-speed automatic gearbox.

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MAYBACH 62 Spezial V240
MAYBACH 62 Spezial V240 2006 2012
2006 2012

The Special version of the 62 model was unveiled in 2006 at the Auto China exhibit in Beijing.
Featuring several exterior/interior upgrades as well as the same power unit as seen on the 57 S, an AMG hand-built 6.0L twin-turbo V12, the Spezial is truly a landlord’s car. Having countless standard luxury touches and a level of comfort comparable to that of 5-star cruise-boat suites, this car represents the ultimate in pampering. Despite its unique character, the car was widely criticized for having a look too close to that of MB’s S-Klasse. However, a look inside is all one needs to acknowledge that a Maybach is far more than any MB model.

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MAYBACH 62 Zeppelin
MAYBACH 62 Zeppelin  2009 2012
2009 2012

In 2009 the world was in deep economic crisis and the luxury brands had to adapt and, while Rolls-Royce was ready to launch a new base model, Maybach showed another expensive, half of million euros, limousine.
The German brand Maybach was the epitome of German luxury before WWII. Its cars were built on special orders only and the bodyworks were built custom for each and every client either by the manufacturer or by supliers.

In March 2009, at the Geneva Motor Show, the newest creation from the Maybach was unveiled. The 62 Zeppelin model was based on the long-wheelbase model of the luxurious car. It features different painting scheme in two tones. The Zeppelin gets special 20-inch wheels in what Daimler calls a “chrome shadow finish.” The curving “ZEPPELIN” letteres were stamped below the distinctive double “M” emblem on the radiator grille and on the trunk lid. The taillights were darkened and, just to avoid confusion with other Maybachs on the road, the Zeppelin had four pipes instead of two, like the other versions.

The interior of the vehicle was enhanced, especially for the rear seats. A sterling silver plate
Inside, the Maybach Zeppelin had an optional system which sprayed one of two specifically developed Givaudan fragrances into the cabin. A silver plate with the vehicle number from the series was added to the interior. Maybach stated that the production will be limited to 100 units.

For the drivetrain, the 62 kept same twin-turbo engine mated to a 5-speed automatic gearbox, but with 28 more horsepower than the rest of the series.

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