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MITSUBISHI Colt 5 Doors   2008 2012
2008 2012

In 2008 Mitsubishi refreshed its smallest vehicle in the lineup, the Colt.
Based on the success of Lancer Evo story, the Japanese carmaker adopted the same front design for the Colt. Another important improvement to the car was the introduction of the 1.5-liter turbo gasoline engine in the “Ralliart” version. By 2008, that engine was only available on the three-door version.

Besides the existing engine lineup, with power ranging from 75 hp to 109 hp, Mitsubishi introduced a special version named “Cleartec”, which had an automatic “Stop&Go” function and regenerative braking for charging the car’s battery and thus improved the fuel-efficiency with a claimed 10%.

To improve pedestrian safety, which started to be taken into account for the five-star EuroNCAP crash-test rating, Mitsubishi installed new front wings, grille, and hood to obtain more points for that measurement. It also had a new front bumper installed. At the back, a slimmer backlight, lower rear combination lamps, new liftgate stamping, and a more elaborated bumper design visually lowered and widened the car considerably (5-door only).

For the interior, most of the materials and design were unchanged. That said, the rear seat arrangement and modularity were modified in order to obtain a bigger maximum trunk space, from 854 l (30.1 cu-ft) from the previous Mitsubishi Colt to 1032 l (36.4 cu-ft) to 2008 Colt.

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MITSUBISHI Colt 5 Doors Colt Ralliart 5 Doors
MITSUBISHI Colt 5 Doors Colt Ralliart 5 Doors  2008 2012
2008 2012

Mitsubishi asked its motorsport division, Ralliart, to made a pocket-rocket out of the five-door Colt, and they did an excellent job.
The Japanese carmaker developed the five-door Colt and Mercedes-Benz, which used the same platform for the SMART FourFour in 2002. Mitsubishi produced the Colt in three versions: coupe-convertible, three- and five-door hatchback. Up to 2008, only the three-door model received a Ralliart package, but the rising interest in pocket-rockets made the carmaker improve the five-door version.

Ralliart improved the five-door Colt with a Lancer-inspired front grille extended on the lower side of the bumper. Its new headlights featured an angular shape with a lower bump for the main-beam headlamp. From its sides, the car sported a unique design of 16” light-alloy wheels, while at the back, it featured a roof spoiler mounted on top of the tailgate.

Inside, the carmaker installed sport bucket seats with high bolstering. The instrument panel sported black and white dials with red needles and an LCD between them for the onboard computer. Like its siblings, the Colt Ralliart featured a center stack with the stereo on top and the climate control dials on the lower side.

The main difference was for the drivetrain. Ralliart tuned the suspension to improve the car’s handling. Under the hood, the carmaker installed a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine which produced 150 hp.

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MITSUBISHI Colt 5 Doors   2004 2008
2004 2008

Mitsubishi updated the five-door Colt in 2004, improved it in all areas, and added three new engines to the lineup and two limited-edition versions.
The Japanese carmaker developed the five-door Colt and Mercedes-Benz and shared its platform with the European SMART FourFour. Its bullet-shaped bodywork kept the original design lines, but the carmaker enhanced it for a more striking look.

At the front, the Colt featured a new grille with plated-finish top and bottom edges. It also sported a new bumper design which gave it a sportier appearance. At the rear, the lower side of the windscreen received a new design, which gave Mitsubishi’s logo a greater prominence. The carmaker also installed the taillights upper, making the car more visible from behind. The Ralliart version got a roof-spoiler and different light-alloy wheels.

Inside, the Colt received different instrument clusters, depending on the trim level. While the base levels got black dials and red needles, the Ralliart received white dials. A 2-DIN audio system incorporated a small navigation display on the center stack, which was not available before. A significant change was for the steering system, which was electrically assisted instead of hydraulic. As a result, it became more accurate and increased fuel efficiency.

Under the hood, the carmaker introduced three new engines: a 1.3-liter and a 1.5-liter unit with or without turbocharging. Mitsubishi offered the Colt with an all-wheel-drive system and automatic (CVT) transmission for the Japanese market.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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