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NISSAN Sunny Sedan
NISSAN Sunny Sedan   1993 1995
1993 1995

Nissan introduced the eight-generation of the Sunny in 1993, continuing a nameplate that dated back to the mid-’60s.
After being rebadged from Datsun to Nissan, the Japanese carmaker started to charge in the compact segment with a nameplate known everywhere: the Sunny. Apart from a convertible version, Nissan offered its compact vehicle in all shapes, and the sedan was an interesting version for those looking for a family sedan.

Its bland exterior didn’t help too much with the sales in some areas, but the carmaker’s brand image and the reliable little vehicle were convincing. In sedan shape, the Sunny featured the same front fascia as its brothers with horizontal, one-piece headlights and a black grille that sported the Nissan badge in the middle. Up to the C-pillars, it was the same five-door Sunny, but the rear windscreen and the straight trunk completely changed the car’s look.

Inside, the carmaker used a simple dashboard with a minimalist instrument cluster where it didn’t feature a tachometer. For the upper trim levels and more powerful engines, Nissan agreed on installing one. The low-mounted seats provided enough headroom for taller passengers. In the back, it was just as room as its three- or five-door version, meaning that the legroom was limited.

Thanks to its newly introduced, fuel-efficient 2.0-liter diesel engine, the Sunny was considered a good option for fleet owners. The other two versions were more feasible for families.

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