PEUGEOT 206 Sedan

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PEUGEOT 206 Sedan
PEUGEOT 206 Sedan   2006 2012
2006 2012

A very rare sight around Europe, the 206 sedan is a jointly developed product with Iranian car manufacturer Khodro.
Revealed in 2005, the vehicle is larger than the hatchback, having a bigger trunk and interior volume. Designed by the Peugeot style center, the car boasts simple yet elegant lines that blend with the by now well known 206 features, such as the nose and windshield. The sedan is powered by a choice of two 4-cylinder petrol injection engines with displacement ranging from 1.4 to 1.6 L. Featuring multipoint injection, the TU3A and TU5A, as the engines are code-named, deliver a maximum power of 74 hp and 114 hp respectively.

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