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PEUGEOT 407 Coupe
PEUGEOT 407 Coupe   2005 2008
2005 2008

After the successful 406 Coupe designed by Pininfarina, the French car-maker Peugeot decided to follow the trend with a 407-model based coupe.
It was introduced at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show.

The 407 Coupe lost two doors but gained 14 cm (5.5”) in length. It wasn’t as beautiful as its predecessor, but its design was not signed by Pininfarina anymore. Still, it was a fine sample of a French gran-tourer, but with front-wheel-drive. And it wasn’t just a 407 with two doors. It was a true coupe.

It is hard to tell if the car was designed along with the sedan or the decision came later on, but the 407 coupe showed a different front fascia than its four-door sibling. Sure, it resembled it, but it was not identical. The front fenders were different too and the arched greenhouse was like an arch that connected the front to the back of the car. The frameless doors were wide and stylish. The short end created a dynamic look. But, like the 407 sedan, the front overhang was far too long.

Inside, the 407 coupe featured more elements that resembled the 407 sedan in many ways, starting with the instrument cluster and the buttons on the center stack. The gear-stick was the same. The front seats were mounted lower than in the sedan and, in the back, there was limited room for two adults.

The engine bay hosted the same units as the sedan or the station-wagon. It offered gasoline and diesel units mated to manual or automatic gearboxes. The front suspension featured a double-wishbone in the front and multilink in the rear.

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