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SUBARU SVX   1992 1997
1992 1997

The 1992 SVX was one of the weirdest cars ever made by the Japanese car manufacturer Subaru.
It didn’t look like any other Subaru ever built before.

It was well known that Subaru didn’t spend a dime on its design department. Usually, the Subaru cars were bought for their AWD driving systems or for their performances. But not for the design. Though, in 1992, the Subaru SVX stunned the world. A great looking car, with an aerodynamic shape and weird side windows that could have been opened only on their lower part. The car was designed as a luxury touring car with only one engine available, only with a 4-speed automatic gearbox, and only with AWD.

The slim front didn’t have pop-up headlights like the other Japanese sports cars from the era such as the Acura NSX or the Mitsubishi 3000 GT. It had some slim and straight-up lamps that featured lenses. It was an unusual feature for the era. Also unusual was the inclusion of the fog-lights inside the main headlights. In the rear, the short deck featured a standard small wing, which was there mostly for decoration.

Inside, the SVX featured a rare collision protection system that was formed by automatic seatbelts and airbags. In those years, the car had either one or the other. But Subaru installed both. The rear seats were intended for adult usage and the car featured rear windows that could have been opened on the lower part, same as in the front. Unfortunately, the SVX didn’t have any successor, since Subaru lost USD 75 million with this project, due to poor sales.

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