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SUZUKI Escudo / Grand Vitara 5 Doors Grand Vitara 5 Doors
SUZUKI Escudo / Grand Vitara 5 Doors Grand Vitara 5 Doors  2008 2014
2008 2014

In 2008 the SUV received a minor facelift and had two new engines added to its line-up, the 2.4L and the 3.2L V6 petrol units. The Suzuki Grand Vitara received the prestigious Consumer Guide Automotive Best Buy award for being a refined on road-handling machine and a rugged off-road heavy-duty performance car. The Vitara combines unexpected on-road refinement with an aggressive dose of off-road capability. With its powerfull V6 engine and four wheel drive the Suzuki Grand Vitara is capable of reaching heights that were untouchable before. It’s clear the Grand Vitara was built for the life enthusiast’s “Way of Life.”

Full Description and Technical Specifications
SUZUKI Escudo / Grand Vitara 5 Doors
SUZUKI Escudo / Grand Vitara 5 Doors   2005 2007
2005 2007

Suzuki introduced the third generation of the Grand Vitara/Escudo in 2005 and became one of the best budget-priced SUVs from its class.
The Japanese carmaker was already known for its impressive experience in building affordable SUVs. It proved it many times with the Samurai, Jimny, or Vitara. With the 2005 generation, Suzuki did more than just confirming its experience. It proved to be a better alternative for most hatchbacks and compact-sized station wagons. Moreover, it offered an all-wheel-drive version.

Once it abandoned the rounded shapes from the Grand Vitara’s second generation, Suzuki rocketed its sales. The new design featured angular headlights and side windows. Its flared wheel-arches enhanced the off-road look even though it was not that hard-core off-road vehicle as its predecessors. Its front bumper was rounded and sported two grilles: one between the headlights and the other one lower in the apron, flanked by the fog lights. In the back, the carmaker kept the spare-wheel mounted on the tailgate, which was side-hinged.

The 2005 Grand Vitara/Escudo was only available with five seats and a generous trunk. Its instrument panel featured a Swift-inspired layout with three cylinders design that showed the speedometer in the middle, the tachometer on the left, and the fuel and temperature gauges on the right side. Also, an LCD displayed the on-board computer data regarding the fuel consumption, average speed, and distances.

Under the hood, Suzuki installed a wide engine choice ranged between 125 hp and 185 hp, paired with a five-speed manual as standard. Depending on the engine option, a four or five-speed automatic transmission was available. For selected markets, Suzuki offered the 2005 Grand Vitara/Escudo with a rear-wheel-drive system, while most of the markets received the all-wheel-drive version.

Full Description and Technical Specifications
SUZUKI Escudo / Grand Vitara 5 Doors
SUZUKI Escudo / Grand Vitara 5 Doors   1998 2005
1998 2005

After it successfully introduction of the Vitara, Suzuki made another step and pushed forward with the Grand Vitara.
It was a 4x4 on demand SUV, which offered more for everyone.

The first generation of Vitara was an instant hit. It was an affordable and comfortable SUV, better on tarmac than most of the other big 4x4 vehicles on the market. It was light, nimble, and fuel-efficient due to its low-displacement engines.

With a rounded shape look and flared arches, the Grand Vitara was one of the most popular SUVs from its time in the low-budget market. Its high roof and low beltline were appreciated by its customers it offered plenty of views all around. These qualities were carried over to the second generation, which appeared in 1998. The external spare wheel, mounted on the tailgate, was typical for an off-road vehicle.

Inside, the typical Japanese design with a low dashboard and high seats was a successful recipe for the Grand Vitara. The sales rocketed to the top of the European charts. In other parts of the word, where it was sold under various names, the Grand Vitara made a good impression. The big interior offered enough room for four adults, five if they were skinny.

The car was built on an integrated chassis. Its light construction allowed it to be nimble, even with a small 1.6-liter engine. For those who wished more, a 2.5-liter V6 was on the list. For the European diesel fans, the Grand Vitara was available with a 2.0-liter Peugeot engine. The standard transmission for the Grand Vitara was a 5-speed manual.

Full Description and Technical Specifications
SUZUKI Escudo / Grand Vitara 5 Doors Vitara Vietnam
SUZUKI Escudo / Grand Vitara 5 Doors Vitara Vietnam 1991 1994
1991 1994

The Grand Vitara was the long-wheelbase version of the popular Vitara and offered more room for five adult passengers.
Suzuki produced the Vitara as an upgrade for customers who asked for more comfort and a relaxed, affordable SUV. The new range featured a new platform with independent front suspension and a rigid axle in the rear. Along with the unit-body construction, the new vehicle was not only spacious but more comfortable as well. In 1988, the Japanese carmaker introduced it as a three-door hard-top or a two-door convertible, but three years later, the bigger, five-door version arrived on specific markets.

The Grand Vitara/Escudo kept the same front fascia as its three-door sibling, with rectangular headlights and rectangular headlights. Its three-slat grille with chrome surrounding was available for the full-option version, together with light color wrapped-around plastic molds. Suzuki installed flared rear wheel fenders for the car’s rear side, extended over the back doors. Even though the car was long enough to accommodate the spare wheel inside the trunk, the Japanese carmaker still kept it mounted on the tailgate.

Inside, the front seats and the dashboard were similar to the one in the three-door version, but it was a different story in the back. As expected, thanks to its longer wheelbase, the car offered more legroom for the rear passengers.

Under the hood, Suzuki offered the Grand Vitara a choice of four engines, depending on the market. The most unusual was the 2.0-liter V-6 gasoline version, which was offered in Vietnam and Indonesia, where that displacement led to lower taxes.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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