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VAUXHALL Vectra Estate VXR
VAUXHALL Vectra Estate VXR   2005 2008
2005 2008

The VXR badge was used by Vauxhall to designate its performance models.
In 2005, a VXR version was added to the Vectra range and the difference was big.

The mid-size sedan battle for the performance market was high in the mid-2000s. Vauxhall had few models that heated the asphalt, such as the Astra VXR hot-hatch. But some of the customers who had the sportier Opel models before grew up and they were adults and parents. But the memories of their fast teenage cars were still alive. So, they could take the Vectra VXR.

The 2005 Vectra VXR featured the same bodywork as the rest of the pack. It was available as a 5-door hatchback and station-wagon, in case that a trolley for toddlers was in the back. From the outside, there were few clues about the performances hidden under the, otherwise normal, car. The 18” light-alloy wheels, front spoiler, side sills, and the roof-spoiler could give a clue about the car’s performances.

Inside, there were sport-bucket seats and blue accents around the cabin. The VXR badges were present on the instrument cluster and the seatbacks.

For the drivetrain, the Vectra VXR featured an all-wheel independent suspension and adjustable dampers. The transmission was via a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic via an open differential. No LSD was offered for that generation, which led to serious understeer for the car.

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