BMW 8 Series Convertible 2022 - 2022

Generation Information

Body style: Convertible

Segment: Roadster, Convertible

BMW refreshed the entire range of the 8-Series in 2022, and that included the open-top version as well, adding more refinement, more technology, and small design cues to the beautiful drop-top grand tourer.
The first generation of the 8-Series, the E 31, was introduced by the carmaker in 1990. In its coupe version, it was an instant success despite its high price. Its only flaw was that it was not available as a convertible. Later on, after it was withdrawn from the market, the coupe version gained traction. In 2018, the carmaker decided to re-launch the respectable nameplate and give it a second chance. This time, it did all the things right.

For the refreshed version, BMW applied an M aerodynamic package to the whole range. Its front bumper featured a V-shaped grille in bumper, flanked by the air-scoops that channeled the air to the front brake discs. Behind the wheel-wells, a set of extracting vents helped the vehicle decrease the drag resistance. For the roof, BMW opted for a classic fabric top. Like the non-facelifted version, the car needed just 15 seconds from the top up to top-down. Inside the cabin, there was hardly room enough for four passengers.

Under the hood, surprisingly, BMW still offered a turbodiesel version for its elegant and fast grand tourer. Yet, it enhanced it with a hybrid system to get lower CO2 emissions, in line with the 2022 requirements. Power went to the rear or both axles, depending on the version.

BMW 8 Series Convertible 2022 2022

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