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BMW M4 Convertible M4 Competition Convertible M xDrive
BMW M4 Convertible M4 Competition Convertible M xDrive  2021 2022
2021 2022

BMW introduced the third body version of the M4 in late spring of 2021 with the addition of an open-top vehicle, completing the lineup.
When the German carmaker decided to change the M3 nameplate from the coupe, its fans were upset. Yet, it didn’t change its mind and produced the M4 as a coupe and Gran Coupe. While the former was already known on the market, the latter wast a four-door fastback fake coupe with a sloped rear liftgate.

In the new clothing, the topless M4 kept the same core values from the Coupe at the front, with the twin kidney-grilles and the aggressive-looking LED headlights. Its panel soft-top could have disappeared in 18 seconds, at speeds up to 50 kph (31 mph). The new retractable roof featured a new technology that made it lighter than a hard-top and better insulated than a three-layer fabric one. BMW installed a new trunk lid at the back, which was flatter than on the M4 Coupe.

Inside, there were more standard features for the four-seat convertible. Gone were the analog dials; hence the M4 convertible received a standard digital TFT instrument panel. BMW installed a 10.1” infotainment display above the center vents. The carbon fiber and aluminum trims were also standard, along with the sport bucket seats. Behind the cabin, the carmaker managed to fit a 300 liters (10.6 cu-ft) trunk with the roof down and 385 liters (13.6 cu-ft) with the top up.

The drivetrain was similar to the one fitted on the M4 Coupe, with only one difference: it was all-wheel-drive without the possibility to disengage the front wheels, as in the hard-top version.

Full Description and Technical Specifications
BMW M4 Convertible F83
BMW M4 Convertible  F83 2014 2020
2014 2020

In 2014 BMW’s range grew once again with the addition of the M4 Convertible.
The model successfully replicates the performance figures of the new BMW M3 sedan and the M4 Coupe while emphasizing its stylish and distinctive appearance through an individual character determined by the open top body. The BMW M4 Convertible shares the elegant lines of its open-top 4 Series siblings. Its design language allows it to skilfully blend a distinctive and graceful silhouette boasting finely balanced proportions when the roof is open with an exceptionally dynamic coupe line, shorn off B-pillars, with the hardtop closed. At the same time, the M4 Convertible’s styling cues - including a signature power dome for the bonnet, eye-catching exterior mirrors in twinstalk style and flared front and rear wheel arches bulging over forged light alloy wheels with mixed tires in 18-inch (optional 19-inch) format - all identify it clearly as a member of the BMW M3/M4 model family. The convertible comes with aluminum and carbon fiber reinforced plastic body parts, improved engine cooling, Active M differential, electric power steering and M compound brakes to ensure a precise and dynamic handling.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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