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BUICK Super Riviera Coupe
BUICK Super Riviera Coupe  1958 1959
1958 1959

Buick introduced in 1958 for one year only the Super Riviera Coupe, which complemented the Super Riviera Sedan.
By the late ’50s standards, the Super Riviera Coupe was one of the most loaded cars on the market. It featured equipment for which a customer should pay big bucks to have them on another car if available. It was a combination of a large Fisher body enhanced with chromed parts and a striking, vibrant look.

At the front, a horizontal chromed slat divided the front fascia, which sported the dual headlamps on its upper side and a grille on the lower side. On the lowest part, a chromed-metallic bumper completed the image of the luxurious coupe. Buick added more chromed trims on the sides, with an arched-down line starting from the headlights and ended on the rear wheels-arches. It was still the era of fin-tails. In the back, a triangular trim surrounded the rear taillights.

The car featured large seats at the front, a divided rear seat bench, and an additional junior seat. At the front, the padded metallic dashboard featured a Motorola “sonomatic” radio and an analog clock on the passenger side. In contrast, in front of the driver, Buick placed all the controls and buttons needed. Even the ventilation dials and buttons were next to the steering wheel.

Under the big hood, the carmaker installed a 6.0-liter Fireball V-8 engine, which provided 300 hp to a two-speed Dynaflow automatic transmission. To further improve the car’s safety, Buick installed cooled aluminum drums in all corners.

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BUICK Super Riviera Sedan
BUICK Super Riviera Sedan  1956 1959
1956 1959

Buick revealed the Super Series in 1955 and began full production on its Riviera models a the same year.
The Super models were available with three body configurations: four-door sedan, two-door Riviera Hardtop and two-door convertible. The Super Riviera Sedan was introduced later in 1956 and featured an 122-inch wheelbase and a 2.6L V8 engine delivering a massive 255 hp. This model featured some slight exterior and interior restyling during its three years of production until it was finally discontinued in 1959. This model was one of the most successful in the series as its base model price began from just under 3,500$.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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