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HONDA Civic Sedan US
HONDA Civic Sedan US   2008 2022
2008 2022

Honda introduced a facelift for the 2008 model-year Civic, which included a few enhancements to its compact sedan.
The Civic was one of the best-selling Honda vehicles, and its popularity grew thanks to its reliable engines, low maintenance costs, and comfortable ride. But all these came with a higher price than many of its competitors.

To attract even more customers to its showrooms, the Japanese carmaker tried a different approach with a more refined design for the 2008 model. At the front, the Civic featured a new bumper, with a wider, three-way split grille and side air-intakes. They were mostly aesthetic since the car didn’t really need an improvement for the cooling area. On the sides, the door mirrors received turn signals for all trim levels, while the wheels got a new look. At the back, a chromed bar linked the two L-shaped taillights.

Inside, the most important changes were on the steering wheel and on the center stack. The former received a three-spoke design inspired by the European version, while the latter got an infotainment system with sat-nav. On the top trim level, the EX, the carmaker installed a seven-speaker sound system, while the lower versions got only four.

Under the hood, Honda installed its 1.8-liter, 140 hp engine on the base level paired with a five-speed manual or, as an option, with a five-speed automatic. A CNG version was exclusively available for fleet buyers in most states, apart from California and New York. The 1.3-liter hybrid was also an excellent choice for commuters, thanks to its high fuel efficiency.

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HONDA Civic Sedan US Civic Sedan Si US
HONDA Civic Sedan US Civic Sedan Si US  2008 2022
2008 2022

For the 2008 model, the Honda Civic Sedan has received the Si version as well.
With the rev-happy engine under the hood and a four-door bodywork, it was a good choice for those who were looking for a reliable family sedan, but with hot-hatch performance.

In 2006, Honda introduced the eight-generation of its Civic model as a Sedan and Coupe in the US. The European received the Sedan and a hatchback with 3 or 5 doors. But only in the U.S. the four-door sedan received the left-hand-drive Si model.

From the outside, the redesigned front bumper, the clear headlights and clear turn-signals were some of the exterior modifications added to the sedan. The Si version received specific 17” light-alloy-wheels and a low-profile rear wing-spoiler on the trunk lid. From the outside, only the front and rear Si badges, and the side decals on the rear doors would tell that it is not an ordinary Civic Sedan.

Inside, the deeply bolstered seats were highlighted with red stitches. Red backlit gaugest, aluminum pedals and few bits of leather round up the interior of the Si version. An option for a 6.5” navigation system for the infotainment unit was available.

The drivetrain of the Civic Si was different than the rest of the Sedan range. It offered a stiffened suspension, a 6-speed manual only transmission with a limited-slip differential. These were good features for a car that boosts out 197 hp.

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HONDA Civic Sedan US Civic Sedan Si US
HONDA Civic Sedan US Civic Sedan Si US  2007 2008
2007 2008

The Civic Sedan Si went on sale on November 1st 2007.
The car was previously showed at the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show that year and was basically a Civic Si with 4 doors. This compact sedan went on sale in 2008 for the Canadian market and was some 60 pounds (27 kg) heavier than the coupe version, but the additional weight was offset by a better weight distribution balance (60/40 front-rear for the sedan versus 61/39 percent for the coupe version). The car came with sport tuned suspension, an i-VTEC engined that revved up to 8,000 rpm and several exclusive interior features like suede leather sport seats and red backlit gauges.

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HONDA Civic Sedan US
HONDA Civic Sedan US   2005 2008
2005 2008

Compact sized, reliable and with a good resale value, the Honda Civic sedan was a choice for many Americans, and the 2005 generation made a good step in offering a better design.
While the car was sold on various markets around the globe, the U.S. Civic version looked different than the others, which were available in the U.K. or Europe. They shared the same platform and the same body structure, but there were differences in some details.

The U.S. version featured straight-cut angular headlights, with a sharp look. Between them, there was a chromed bar across the grille. The raked A-pillars for the windshield inspired a sport-compact sedan and it was not far from truth depending on the engine version.

Inside, the two-tier instrument panel placed the speedometer on top of the dashboard and the tachometer and other information regarding the engine on a lower cluster, behind the steering wheel. The infotainment system on the center stack was offered as an option for the base trim level. The comfort inside the car was decent for four passengers. The independent suspension in all corners ensured a smooth ride. For the SI version though, the firmer dampers could affect that.

For the engine compartment, the Civic Sedan was offered with a 1.8-liter unit or a 1.4-liter hybrid system mated to a CVT transmission. For fleet owners, the Civic was available with an LPG version.

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