KIA K9 00/ 2018 - 2022

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If the Stinger was considered a beautiful sedan, the K900 was definitely better than it.
The K9 was fully redesigned for 2019 and we could say it was the enlarged Stinger’s brother.

The exterior of the K9 was rather friendly than aggressive, with standard full LED headlights and the already standard Kia grille – the producer said that the grille was designed to look like it’s made of diamonds.

Looking to the side, we could notice how big the K9 really was, however, the back was a combination between a Mercedes and a Bentley; a beautiful one, nevertheless.

The back also featured dual exhausts and a single led reverse light.

If the exterior was not that out of the ordinary, things changed with the interior.

The interior of the K9 was the true definition of luxury, with soft touch materials, leather, piano black and wood inserts.

In the center of the dashboard we could find a designer analogue clock. Does that ring a bell? Mercedes?

The power seats had 12-way orr 14-way adjustments and were both heated and cooled.

A 17-speak audio system added to the luxurious sedan, with a crystal clear sound.

The 12-inch touchscreen display ran extremely smooth and could have also been control by using the command control knob.

The downsides of the K9? No doors soft close, no massage seats. Wait. A starting price of $59.900 – that is pretty average for a luxury car!

KIA K9 2018 2022

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