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MAZDA MX-6   1992 1997
1992 1997

The marriage between Ford and Mazda was not long, but it was long enough for both brands to develop some very interesting vehicles, such as the 1992 Mazda MX6.
The second generation of the Mazda MX6 shared its platform with the Ford Probe and Mazda 626. It was the answer given in Europe against the Opel Calibra and Honda Prelude. It couldn’t compete against the BMW 3-Series, which was fitted with much more powerful engines.

The Mazda MX6 and the Mazda 626 were the two and four-door versions of the same car, with the exception of some specific changes. The MX5 was designed as a 2+2 coupe, with enough room for the rear passengers. That is why the sleek front of the car was followed by a high greenhouse, sloped in the rear. In the back, an interesting solution was found for the rear spoiler, which was integrated over the trunk lid via two supporting struts.

Inside, there was room for four adults on comfortable seats. The front ones were simple, without a high bolstering. The flat and low dashboard was in the same lines of the ’90s Japanese car style. A simple layout of the instrument cluster offered basic information such as speed, engine speed, fuel, and coolant temperature.

From the technical point of view, the MX6 featured a stiffer suspension than the 626 and a special suspension system in the rear, which allow the wheels to change their camber to improve the cornering speed. For the drivetrain, the MX6 was offered with either a 2.0-liter or a 2.5-liter engine. Both were mated to a standard 5-speed manual, while a 4-speed automatic was on the options list.

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