MERCEDES BENZ CLA Klasse CLA Coupe C118 2019 - 2022

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Segment: Entry Premium

Initially introduced as niche model with not exactly great chances of becoming a sales hit in the compact Mercedes-Benz lineup, the CLA has managed to prove otherwise.
Over 750,000 CLA Coupes and CLa Shooting Brakes have been sold from the first generation, prompting Mercedes-Benz to invest in the development of a modern reiteration.

Based on the MFA2 platform, the all-new CLA II is a tad longer, wider, has a much longer wheelbase but is also slightly lower than its predecessor, making for an even more dramatic look. The aggressive but elegant looks is somewhat contradicting the overall design, which is a lot smoother and more polished, without making so much use of complex lines and non-aerodynamic intakes. The interior is pretty much a carbon copy of the one found in the A-Class W177, which was no surprise considering the two share the same platform. Also expected was the introduction of MBUX on the new CLA, which takes Mercedes-Benz infotainments to new heights through Artificial Intelligence.

MERCEDES BENZ CLA Klasse 2019 2022

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