Mercedes-AMG E-Class E 63 AMG W213 2020 - 2022

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Segment: Medium

Mercedes-AMG introduced the E 63 model in 2016, in the same year with the fifth generation of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class (W213).
Ever since the first E-Class AMG was introduced in 1986, the German tuning specialist tried to make any Mercedes-Benz faster. Over time, the cooperation between the two companies intensified, and they brought new models on the market. In 2020, Mercedes-AMG introduced the facelifted version of the 2016 E 63 AMG.

The designers and the aerodynamic engineers worked together to reduce the drag coefficient and enhance car handling. A twin louver on the outer air intakes in the front apron channeled the airflow for a better cooling effect on the intercoolers and to ensure a higher downforce. On the apron, the aerodynamic engineers enhanced the lip-spoiler to ensure a laminated airflow under the car, to prevent turbulences. A small lip was placed on the trunk lid to increase the downforce over the rear side of the vehicle. Underneath the vehicle, the quad exhaust system featured rectangular exhaust tips.

AMG worked more for the car’s interior. It fitted a pair of sport seats with high bolstering and integrated headrests. The Artico and Alcantara materials used for the upholstery enhanced both the look and comfort of their occupants. Another improvement was made on the dashboard, where the instrument cluster and the infotainment unit were placed behind a glass. Thus, even if there were two screens, they offered a unitary look and feel. The three double-spoke steering wheel was specific for AMG.

Under the hood, the E 63 AMG featured a 4.0-liter V8 engine. It was fed via a pair of turbochargers and sent its power in all corners through a 9-speed automatic (dual-clutch) gearbox.

Mercedes-AMG E-Class 2020 2022

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