MG ZS EV 2021 - 2022

Generation Information

Body style: SUV

Segment: Medium SUV

Based on the same shape and size as its gasoline-powered cousin, the ZS, the EV version shows a new approach to the market, following the EV trend.
The 2021 ZS EV came when a world pandemic and a chip-shortage issue affected all the carmakers. Yet, the Chinese carmaker who owned the once-famous British brand found a way to attract new buyers. While the previous version of the ZS EV featured a smaller battery pack, the 2021 model featured a larger one as an option. Also, it came with new clothing.

Unlike its predecessor, the 2021 model featured a body-colored front fascia, which lost its mesh-grille design from the gasoline-powered version. The carmaker’s designers didn’t struggle too much with that, and it mostly looked like a panel with drilled holes in it rather than a true grille meant for cooling. It hid just the charging port, which was placed behind the chromed MG badge. Its LED headlights featured an angular shape with sharp corners and a rounded lower area. Somehow, they resembled the lamps installed on other vehicles. From its sides, the 17” light-alloy wheels showed a five-spoke design.

Inside, the MG ZS EV featured an interior similar to those found on the gasoline-powered version. Yet, the center console looked simpler since it didn’t have the gear stick on it. There, the carmaker placed the rotary button for the driving programs (PRND) and a few switches for driving modes, energy recuperation, and battery status. Since it was one of the cheapest cars in its class, the carmaker couldn’t afford to install expensive materials.

MG ZS 2021 2022

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