MITSUBISHI L 200 /Triton Single Cab 2005 - 2022

Generation Information

Body style: Truck

Segment: Medium SUV

The lowest visually appealing of the series, the singe cab provides room for two only but compensates through a larger bed which allows for plenty of cargo storage.
Powered by the same range of engines, the Single Cab version brings nothing new. The latest 2008 model was tested by EuroNCAP standards which deemed it as an overall safe car. The car’s sturdy structure can withstand both frontal and side impact although in the first’s case, risks of major chest and leg injuries have been exposed. However, protection was rated as excellent in the event of a side impact. This is probably the reason why Mitsubishi never fitted the L 200 with side airbags.

MITSUBISHI L 200 2005 2022

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