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PANOZ Esperante
PANOZ Esperante   1999 2007
1999 2007

The American carmaker Panoz used the same underpinnings from the Ford Mustang GT and hoped to sell its sports cars to those who considered the Ford model too common.
Panoz started as a tuner, improving the famous pony-car Mustang. Over time, the carmaker understood that it could use only the famous American sports car platform and created the Esperante based on the Mustang Convertible. He used racing solutions for regular street vehicles and transformed them from regular convertibles into high-performance roadsters.

With its aluminum body and subframes, the roadster was very light on its feet. Despite its V-8 engine, it weighed less than any convertible car on the market. The aerodynamically shaped bodywork featured tear-shaped headlights and a power-dome on the hood. In the rear, the four-round taillights featured an original design.

Inside, the carmaker took its inspiration from the BMW Z8 with the center-mounted instrument panel installed in an instrument cluster that resembled the Ford Mustang’s layout. Its high-bolstered bucket seats provided great side support for both occupants. Unlike the blue-oval brand, Panoz didn’t even consider installing a rear bench. It was a two-seat-only vehicle.

Under the bodywork, Panoz installed more Ford Mustang components. It didn’t take only the engine and gearbox. It also used the independent rear suspension (IRS) and the four-wheel Anti-lock brakes system.

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