RENAULT Kangoo 4x4 2006 - 2022

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Renault introduced the Kangoo 4x4 in 2001 and was the only vehicle of its kind on the European market, and in 2006 it was refreshed again along with the rest of its 2WD siblings.
While Renault refreshed the normal Kangoo range for the 2005 model, the 4x4 version had to wait a little longer. It was more challenging to make it Euro 4 compliant than the rest of the stable. Its higher ground clearance and all-wheel-drive transmission affected its engine emissions. Due to that, the carmaker had to install only the gasoline engine in it.

From the outside, the Kangoo 4x4 was taller than its siblings. Its increased ground clearance and black plastic bumpers and side sills made it look different. The carmaker made it mainly for fleet usage at the start, but private customers became very interested in this product. It was affordable, could cope well with some unpaved roads, and still offered a decent fuel efficiency. Its wide windows and dual sliding doors transformed it into one of the best leisure vehicles on the market. It was a crossover, but a 4x4 one.

Inside, it shared its interior with the regular 2WD Kangoo. Since its price tag was higher than the rest of the range, the carmaker installed a standard AC unit and three individual seats for the rear passengers. A big glass roof was on the options list, and it was straightforward to transform its cabin into a sleeping tent.

Underneath the Kangoo bodywork, Renault installed a Nissan drivetrain carried over from the Qashqai. Its all-wheel-drive system allowed the driver to lock the center differential. The carmaker had to use the 1.6-liter gasoline engine since it could comply with the Euro 4 emissions on the vehicle.

RENAULT Kangoo 2006 2022

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