SKODA Citigo 3 doors 2017 - 2022

Generation Information

Body style: Hatchback

Segment: Mini

As the name says, the Citigo was designed as a city car that would be practical, good looking and easy on the pocket.
2 engine options were available with the new Citigo, both being a 1.0-liter gasoline. The power ranged between 59 hp and 74 hp.
While the 59 hp version was a good choice for city-only driving, the stronger acceleration of the more powerful 74 hp engine would allow the driver to get out of the city. Of course, it would not provide the smooth ride of a sedan, due to the wind noise noticeable at higher speeds.

A 5-speed manual transmission was standard for both engines, however, an automatic gearbox was optional.
The Citigo had a good suspension and offered a comfortable ride. For the models with a sportier suspension, the quality of the ride would be a little compromised.
Overall, the Citigo was a stable car and easy to control.

Although a small car, the cabin looked and felt airy. As it was built to a budgets, lots of hard plastics were used throughout, but they still looked good with the contrasting colors available.

The small Citigo had a height-only adjustable steering wheel.
Connectivity wise, Skoda chose a Garmin touchscreen display that would control most of the infotainment system. Looking like more of a traditional sat-nav system, the touchscreen display was detachable.
An USB port was also available, along with a standard 12V socket.

The Citigo was surprisingly spacious in the front, and the storage space offered was relatively good, with cupholders, a small shelf and a decent size glovebox.
While most of the rivals on the market would offer seating for 3 in the back, the Citigo could only accommodate 2 people. Legroom was limited and the access inside was a bit difficult for the 3-door model.

Every version of the Citigo came with rear folding seats to extend the trunk size if necessary.

Overall, the Citigo was cheaper than most of its competitors and still offered good features, low running costs, comfort and it didn’t look bad either.

SKODA Citigo 2017 2022

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