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VOLVO 960   1994 1997
1994 1997

Volvo introduced a mid-life cycle refresh for its flagship model, the 960, in 1994 and technologically improved underneath.
While it still looked like a brick on wheels with some shaved corners, the 960 sedan had its say on the premium segment. It offered a different kind of luxury than the German or the American premium carmakers and was known for its safe, dependable vehicles.

The 1994 model saw a change in the company’s design language. The 960 featured rounded edges and a new front fascia with slimmer headlights and a redesigned wrapped-around plastic bumper along with the facelift. Unfortunately, on the sides, the carmaker couldn’t do too much about the door panels and windows. They still looked flat, but the Volvo added body-colored plastic molds over the doors and fenders to protect them from minor scratches in parking lots.

Inside, the carmaker didn’t make important changes. Its dashboard looked like the one from 1990. An important improvement was on the safety department; Volvo installed a dual airbag to protect the front occupants. At the back, the car provided plenty of legroom for two passengers. The middle seat was available with an integrated child seat.

Under the skin, the 1994 960 received a redesigned rear multilink rear suspension with a transverse leaf spring instead of coils. In addition, both axles provided a wider track, for improved handling. Under the hood, the carmaker installed a newly developed 2.9-liter, inline-six engine with 24 valves.

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VOLVO 960   1990 1994
1990 1994

First introduced in 1991, Volvo’s 960 replaced the 760 model, an automobile which had a remarkable success on the market during the ’80s.
Equipped with multiple safety features, the 960 had a 6-cylinder engine which helped the Swedish manufacturer develop a new series of engines with 5 and 4 cylinders supposed to be installed on new Volvo cars. Thanks to its safety features, the 960 received multiple awards, including the “Prince Michael Road Safety Award” and the “Autocar & Motor”, two awards which were also won by Volvo 960. In 1997, Volvo decided to cease the production of the 960 Sedan, replacing it with a new model named S90.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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