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ARO M Series M 461
ARO M Series M 461  1963 1975
1963 1975

Aro introduced its brand new Muscel M 461 model in 1963, designing it for off-road use.
Also nicknamed ‘the Carpathians Aurochs’, this mid-sized sports utility vehicle was developed starting 1961 and introduced two years later on a completely new platform (until then, all Aro models were based on the GAZ 69 russian chassis). From 1963 to 1965, the Aro M 461 underwent no less than 81 modifications in order to suit the customers’ needs. It model was also used for several international expeditions, including the ‘1971 Trans-African Expedition’, and was discontinued in 1975 due to the introduction of the new ARO 240.

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ARO M Series M59
ARO M Series M59  1959 1963
1959 1963

Aro launched the M59 model in 1959, only two years after the introduction of Romania’s first 4X4 vehicle.
Compared to its predecessor - the IMS57 - this medium sports utility vehicle featured a redesigned engine that lowered vehicle’s gross weight by more than 70 kg. The M59 was designed by Grigore Negoita in collaboration with Ghita Holbosan. Nevertheless, the M59 wasn’t all milk and honey, as it featured reliability problems on its steering and braking systems. So Aro started working on a new prototype - the M 461 - which hit the Romanian market in 1963. It was the last year of production for the M59 model.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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