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CITROEN AX 5 Doors AX 5 doors
CITROEN AX 5 Doors AX 5 doors  1991 1998
1991 1998

Citroen introduced the AX as a replacement for the Visa model in 1986 and refreshed-it in 1991.
After Peugeot bought the Citroen brand, it started to cut costs for its new family member and decrease its allowance. As a result, the boxer engines used on the Visa were gone, and a new vehicle had to take its place. In 1986, it introduced the AX, which was heavily revised in late 1991.

Citroen offered the AX in a three- or five-door configuration. The latter was offered mostly for young families. Its small footprint and angular design made it an excellent city vehicle. While the overall wedge-shaped remained, some details went through some changes. The facelifted version featured new headlights design with clear turn-signals on the corners. In the rear, the taillights were redesigned.

Inside, the most important change was made for the dashboard. It featured a new, smaller instrument cluster. Its predecessor sported an extended one, which was extended over the center stack. The front bucket seats provided minimal or no side support, and there was hardly room for three in the back. It was good enough to take up to two kids at school. The AX offered a small trunk space for storage, but the user could have extended it by folding the rear bench seatback.

Under the hood, Citroen installed a choice of diesel and gasoline engines. The most notorious was the 1.4-liter naturally aspirated engine that managed a World Record fuel consumption of just 2.7 liters/100 km (87 MPG-US).

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CITROEN AX 5 Doors   1988 1991
1988 1991

After being purchased by Peugeot, the French carmaker was forced to change its ideas so the brand could survive on a more difficult market.
In 1986, Citroen introduced the AX series as a replacement for the Axel/Visa lineup. While the 3-door AX replaced the Axel, the 5-door replaced the Visa. Both versions were built on top of a new platform. The French government funded the project, so PSA (Peugeot-Citroen-Talbot) to develop an environmentally friendly vehicle. The result exceeded the expectations since an AX diesel made it to the Guinness World Book of Records with its astonishing fuel consumption of just 2.7 l/100 km (87 MPG-US).

On the outside, the wedged design was simple and very similar to the three-door version. Apart from the rear set of doors, the AX-5 doors featured an additional set of side windows behind the rear doors. Its headlights reflected the car’s shape, and the turn-signals were mounted on the corners, so the carmaker didn’t have to install an additional set on the sides.

The interior design followed the same wedged shapes from the outside, with a dashboard that looked like it was made from vinyl-covered plywood. Apart from the steering wheel, everything else inside was made in straight lines and straight angles. The car lacked sound-deadening materials and exposed metal parts here and there to save weight.

Citroen installed a very wide engine choice, depending on the market. Its power ranged between a sluggish 42 hp unit and a lively 84 hp. All versions were paired to a manual gearbox.

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