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EAGLE Premier
EAGLE Premier   1987 1993
1987 1993

The Premier began its life as a Renault 25 in Europe, but on its way across the Atlantic, it went through Italy and received a re-styling from ItalDesign Giugiaro.
When Chrysler took-over the Eagle brand, it received the Premier model as well. The French car was built in Canada, and even though its styling was slightly outdated for its time, it showed some interesting features, but it also lacked some.

Renault designed the 25 in the early ’80s with straight lines, rectangular headlights, and a hatchback bodywork. In its journey through Italy, Giugiaro made the front lamps wider and transformed the car’s shape into a three-box sedan. The flush door handles and alloy wheels looked better on the U.S. cousin of the most expensive Renault from the French lineup.

Inside, the carmaker packed plenty of options it had. The adjustable steering column moved along with the side-pods where the lights and climate controls were installed. Renault installed a digital instrument cluster on the top trim level that included a trip computer as well. The front bucket seats were wide and built for comfortable roads, and were power-assisted as an option. In the back, the Premier offered a good room for three adults but no shoulder seatbelts.

Eagle Premier offered two engine choices under the hood: a 2.5-liter inline-four and a 3.0-liter, fuel-injected V6. While the former was available with a manual transmission and an automatic as an option, the latter was paired with a four-speed automatic only.

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