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GENESIS G70   2021 2022
2021 2022

Hyundai introduced the G70 as a premium contender on the U.S. market and built it on the same platform as the Kia Stinger.

In 2021, the Korean carmaker unveiled a refreshed version of the G70 and added more features to the sport sedan. It competed in the mid-size sedan premium market, even though its brand name was not as famous as its competitors’.

Designed by the German Peter Schreyer, the G70 represented one of the most ambitious Hyundai projects. So when he re-worked the 2021 model, he enhanced the LED quad-signature thin lamps at the front. In addition, the vast, diamond-shaped grille sported a black color for the sport trim levels, creating a more aggressive look for the car. On the front fenders, behind the wheel arches, the carmaker added fake exhaust vents, but their plastic cover looked odd and resembled the B-shaped grilles from a Bentley. At the back, the oval-shaped tips over the quad exhausts looked similar to those installed by the British luxury car as well. The lower part of the rear bumper, on the other hand, looked unusual with its mat, unpainted plastic area.

Inside, Genesis worked hard to provide a luxurious yet sporty ambiance. The sport bucket seats at the front provided a high-bolstered area. At the same time, the tall center console featured an aluminum trim with the rotary dial for the infotainment system and the gear-selector. Its leather-clad interior provided a luxurious image, especially with the optional quilted pattern. A floating-design 10.25” touch-screen adorned the top of the center stack. Genesis installed two analog dials and two gauges in the instrument cluster for the driver, plus a color LCD between them.

Under the hood, the carmaker reduced the engine versions to just three: two turbocharged gasoline units and a turbo-diesel. Genesis offered the latter, especially for European customers.

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GENESIS G70   2017 2021
2017 2021

Hyundai’s most ambitious project, the Genesis, was a rear-drive premium saloon that competed with cars like the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C-Class and other Lexus and Jaguar vehicles in its class.
The Genesis G70 had the same platform the KIA Stinger used, meaning short overhangs and a stiff body, with either a rear-wheel-drive or an optional four-wheel-drive.

The top-of-the-range G70 was equipped with a V6 responsive engine, that was also available with the KIA Stinger. If changed to the “sport” mode, the usual V6 sound changed to a more muscular note. The engine was mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission.

The G70 had 5 different driving modes, the “Eco”, “Smart”, “Sport”, “Comfort” and “Custom”. The Eco mode was suitable for heavy traffic, managing to reduce fuel consumption. The “Custom” mode allowed the driver to set up the powertrain and the electronic dampers if equipped.

The cabin of the G70 was equipped with high-quality materials and nice detailing, the seats were very comfortable and the driving position created a nice cozy place to be in.

Like its most competitors, the G70 had analogue dials and a high-resolution 8-inch touchscreen. The infotainment system was intuitive, as well as the HVAC controls.

The Executive Vice President of Hyundai about the G70: “ For me, the G70 has special meaning. Key targets were driving position and fun to drive, but comfort also was very important”. And his words pretty much describe the car.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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