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HONDA Civic Aero Deck
HONDA Civic Aero Deck   1998 2001
1998 2001

Honda had a long history in naming its station wagons as Aerodeck, and in fact, they offered a better aerodynamic Cx than their sedans siblings.
Honda built the sixth Civic generation in many shapes, but the carmaker didn’t offer all of them on the same market. America never got it and, but the British and European customers did. It was built together with Rover in Swindon, on Honda’s plant, and it used the same platform as the Rover 400 and the Honda Domani.

Honda didn’t want to spend big on the project, so it took most parts from existing models. The bodywork shared the same panels with the European Civic sixth-generation. Even the rear doors were the same as on its sedan sibling. The designers added an extended roof behind the C-pillar, two rhomboidal windows on the sides, and a liftgate in the rear. Depending on the engine version and the trim level, an aerodynamic package that included a roof spoiler and a lowered front apron made the car looks less bland.

The interior was still simple, with a black dashboard and cloth seats. Its classic instrument cluster, with white-on-black lettering, provided easy-to-read and understand gauges. A center stack was installed in the middle and filled with the radio and the HVAC controls. The 60/40 split-folding rear bench allowed the owner to increase the trunk size from a decent 415 liters (14.7 cu-ft) up to a respectable 1,312 liters (46.3 cu-ft).

Under the hood, Honda installed four engine versions ranged between 90 hp and 170 hp. The latter was named VTi and could keep the pace with a hot-hatch from that era. And it was still a station wagon.

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