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HONDA CR-Z   2010 2016
2010 2016

The CR-Z represented the rebirth of an old Honda success, the CR-X.
But this time it was a hybrid and it had a 6-speed manual transmission.

The small, CR-Z was the right city-coupe at the wrong time. In 2010, when it was launched, the world was still struggling to get back on track after the financial crisis. But the hybrid cars were only on their pioneering steps and the customers were not so keen to switch on them. The connection to the CR-X model was obvious at the tailgate, which featured a large window on top and a small window on the bottom, divided by a spoiler.

The short hood and small cabin of the CR-Z offered enough room for two passengers. There was a rear bench for two people, but mostly for tax and insurance better rating than to be used for real passengers. The instrument cluster featured a mix of digital and analog-dials, with green leaves for ecology driving. On the center console, there was an infotainment unit that featured navigation and a good sound system. For some countries were also available with a CVT transmission and only two seats.

The powertrain featured a gasoline engine and an electric motor. Unfortunately, Honda didn’t make the system to be driven only in electric mode. Due to this, the city fuel consumption was higher than the Prius even though it featured only two seats and a lighter vehicle all around.

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