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Mercedes-AMG C-CLASS Cabriolet C 63 Cabriolet A205
Mercedes-AMG C-CLASS Cabriolet C 63 Cabriolet A205 2016 2018
2016 2018

After two generations with the CLK, which was a C-Class platform with E-Class styling, the Mercedes-Benz has decided and built a C-Class cabriolet.
And, in 2016, it added a beefy V8 engine on it with two turbochargers.

For a premium car-maker it is a must to have a performance lineup in its stable. BMW had the M-models, Audi had the S and RS models and Mercedes-Benz had the AMG. All three brands are building compact-sized convertibles. BMW had the M3 convertible, Audi had the S5 and RS5 convertible and Mercedes-Benz offered the C63 AMG Cabriolet.

A C63 AMG could be noticed by the chromed bar on the grille and its lower wide air-intake in the bumper. The flared wheel arches are emphasizing the sportiness of the car. From the profile, the specific AMG side-sills are enhancing the view and, in the rear, the quad exhausts are complementing the rear lip-spoiler on the trunk-lid.

Inside, there was room for four passengers and due to the AIRCAP and AIRSCARF systems, the car protected its occupants from drought or cold air, but with an open top.

The C63 Cabriolet was offered in two versions: C63 and C63S. The non-S version offered 476 hp, while the S version put down the road 510 hp. Both were equipped with the AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7 transmission. The C63 was equipped with a rear limited-slip differential and the S version received an electronically controlled version.

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