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MITSUBISHI Galant Station Wagon
MITSUBISHI Galant Station Wagon   1997 2001
1997 2001

Mitsubishi introduced a station wagon version for the Galant’s eighth-generation in 1997 and dropped the hatchback from its offer.
Between the fourth and eighth generations, the Japanese mid-size vehicle was offered only as a hatchback or sedan. But the increased demand for family vehicles forced Mitsubishi to offer it as a station wagon as well. It was also the last mid-size segment station wagon Galant built by Mitsubishi.

At the front, the shark-nose design imagined by the Japanese designer Akinori Nakanishi sported a trapezoidal grille surrounded by a chromed trim. Its narrow headlights with corner-mounted turn signals and the tall wrapped-around front bumper created an aggressive appearance for the station wagon. Mitsubishi added raked-forward windows behind the C-pillars and a tilted tailgate.

Inside, the Galant offered seating for five with enough legroom for the rear outboard passengers and limited for the one seated in the middle due to the transmission tunnel. Mitsubishi used the same floor for the entire range, regardless of the front- or all-wheel-drive systems. The folding rear bench increased the trunk size when collapsed from 420 liters (18.8 cu-ft) to 1,400 liters (49.4 cu-ft).

Under the hood, Mitsubishi installed a choice of gasoline engines ranged between 136 hp and 163 hp. For selected markets, it offered a turbo-diesel version which provided 90 hp.

Full Description and Technical Specifications
MITSUBISHI Galant Station Wagon VR-4
MITSUBISHI Galant Station Wagon VR-4  1997 2001
1997 2001

Mitsubishi’s performance VR-4 line was enlarged through the introduction of the Station Wagon body type.
Visually altered to be easily told apart from the regular models, the VR-4’s were also hyped through the use of better equipment. Cars were now powered by a 2.5 L V6 twin turbo petrol unit coupled with a standard 5-speed manual gear box or an optional semi-automatic INVECS-branded transmission. As part of a wide option range, vehicles could also be fitted with Mitsubishi’s signature electronically controlled differential, AYC, for better handling and stability.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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