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NISSAN Tiida / Versa Sedan Tiida/Versa Sedan
NISSAN Tiida / Versa Sedan Tiida/Versa Sedan  2019 2022
2019 2022

The Nissan Tiida/Versa died in Europe, but thrives on other markets.
The newest generation was launched in 2019 with the help of country music star Kane Brown. But things look better in the U.S. for the compact-sized Nissan than they looked din Europe.

The new generation has a completely redesigned front area, with the same motifs found on the rest of the Nissan family. The manufacturer made an important step challenging its customers both with a bold exterior look and a big technological package inside the cabin, depending on the trim level.

As before, the Versa has plenty of room inside and the new generation keeps the same spirit, even if the roofline and the A-pillars are more angled than before. The same design key-factors can be found on the bigger Nissan sedans such as the Altima and the Maxima.

The Versa has only one engine available, a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine with 122 HP. As standard, on the base trim level, the Versa is offered with a manual 5-speed transmission. On upper-scale versions though, Nissan offers the enhanced new X-Tronic CVT gearbox. Also, depending on the trim level, Versa can have a better infotainment system, keyless-entry, push-button start and heated front seats. Automatic climate control, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also offered as options.

Full Description and Technical Specifications
NISSAN Tiida / Versa Sedan Tiida/Versa Sedan
NISSAN Tiida / Versa Sedan Tiida/Versa Sedan  2011 2022
2011 2022

After struggling to have better sales for the first Tiida/Versa generation, launched during the world economic crisis, Nissan has decided to launch a second-generation for its small class sedan in 2011 as a 2012 model year.
Compared to the first generation, it received a curvier bodywork and more efficient engines.

The interior is very spacious despite the small exterior dimensions. The second generation of the Tiida was based on Nissan Sunny platform, instead of a Renault-Nissan Alliance common platform. The option offering was slim, with some light-alloy wheels, automatic climate control, central locking, on-board computer, and power windows. The power-steering was electro-hydraulically assisted.

With 505 liters (17.8 cu-ft) of luggage space even with the seats up, the sedan has a very big trunk, but the rear seats were foldable only on the higher trim levels.

It was available with one engine option, 1.6-liter gasoline naturally aspirated unit, which developed 106 hp. It was mated as standard with a 5-speed manual or, as an option, with a CVT (continuously variable transmission).

From the performance point of view, the Versa was slower than most of its class competitors but still was able to pay a good impression in town. The short overall length of 4.45 m (14.6 ft) helped the Versa to be nimble in cities and good in finding parking spots.

Full Description and Technical Specifications
NISSAN Tiida / Versa Sedan Tiida/Versa Sedan
NISSAN Tiida / Versa Sedan Tiida/Versa Sedan  2006 2011
2006 2011

Sharing the same DNA as the hatchback, the sedan comes as an extension of the first with the intention of appealing to a different buyer category rather than offering extra features.
Powered by the same engine range as the hatch, the sedan is particularly fun to drive with the 1.8 L petrol engine that delivers an above average output of 122 hp coupled with the 6-speed manual transmission. Speaking of which, the Tiida/Versa is the only car sold in the US that comes with a standard manual gearbox. All specs asides, the Tiida also offers a suspiciously generous equipment range, coming with standard air conditioning and intermittent windshield wipers among others.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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