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SKODA Superb
SKODA Superb   2019 2022
2019 2022

The Czech brand’s flagship model is called the Superb.
Its 2019 facelift brought new technologies and more refinement to the 4.9m (6 ft) long car. The Superb is available either as a sedan or a station wagon and it is available with engines starting from a 1.6-liter turbodiesel up to a 2.0-liter gasoline-powered four-cylinder or a 1.4-liter PHEV.

On the outside, the 2019 Superb may be noticed by its full Matrix-LED Headlights installed as standard on the whole range. The front bumper has been extended for better aerodynamic integration and sleeker styling. For the top-version, called Laurin&Klement, Skoda installed new esthetic chromed details around the headlights, side sills, front and rear bumpers.

For the station wagon version, the Superb offers a much bigger trunk space. If the sedan can carry between 625 to 1760-liters (22-62 cu-ft), the two-box variant offers 660 to 1960-liters (23-69 cu-ft).

The base model has a 1.6-liter turbodiesel engine with 120 hp. Other engines are a 2.0-liter turbodiesel or turbo-gasoline with 150, 190 or 272 hp, respectively. The PHEV version has a 1.4 TSI (turbo-gasoline) engine and an electric motor with a combined power output of 218 hp and 400 Nm (295 lb-ft) of torque. The average fuel consumption for the plug-in hybrid under WLTP norms is 1.4 l/100 km (201.7 mpg-UK).

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SKODA Superb
SKODA Superb   2015 2019
2015 2019

The third generation Skoda Superb got revealed in February 2015, following to enter production sometime in the middle of the year.
The new model really stands up to its name thanks to major design changes and features.

On the outside, the bulky and dull design of the past has been replaced with sharp angles, chiseled surfaces, a whole new front end with redesigned headlights, grille and bumper, as well as a new rear end with a different boot lid, bumper and taillights. Redesigned rims and a new waistline are on the menu too.

Stepping inside, however, will reveal a very Volkswagen Golf-like interior design, with a clean dashboard, with smooth flowing lines and new seats. Four new infotainment systems have been added to the options list as well as a new three-zone air conditioning system, electric panoramic glass roof, heated windscreen and a lot more electronic gizmos to improve comfort and safety.

The engine range has been updated for the highest efficiency and the use of Volkswagen’s MQB platform helped increase comfort and maneuverability.

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SKODA Superb
SKODA Superb   2013 2015
2013 2015

The Skoda Superb dates back in 1934, when over 1600 units were adapted to military purposes, including some 4x4 prototypes.
Its production lasted until 1949. 50 years later, a new Superb was launched at the IAA international motor show in Frankfurt, the 2001 model being considered the first generation.

The most impressive thing about the first generation was the roominess offered by the Superb, the passengers enjoying lots of space that even allowed them to keep their legs crossed. The Superb was Skoda’s largest model.

In 2013, a facelifted version of the second generation was released, bringing lots of changes, both exterior and interior wise. The front and rear were changed, and even the logo was refreshed.

The technical innovations brought adaptive-bixenon headlights with LED daytime running lights, DAA (Driver Activity Assistant, a system that detected the driver’s fatigue) and an Automatic Paking Assistant.

The twin-door system was kept for this version as well, buyers being able to open either the trunk lid or the entire rear trunk, thus having facile access to place or retrieve light items.

Two new color paints were available, Metal grey and Moon white and three new alloy wheels of 16, 17 and 18 inches.
Skoda worked on improving the fuel consumption and co2 emissions, thus managed to do so and reduced the emissions with 19 per cent. The car came with four gasoline engines and three diesel engines.

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SKODA Superb
SKODA Superb   2008 2013
2008 2013

The second generation of the Superb was introduced in 2008, right in time to catch the ascending trend after the world economic crisis.
But that ended two years later.

While the first generation of the Superb was the Chinese Volkswagen Passat B5.5 with an extended wheelbase and looked like one, the second generation was completely different although it shared its underpinning with the sixth generation of the Passat and its CC version.

The second generation started on the wrong foot, with a design that didn’t catch too much attention from the public. The headlights were uninspired while the officials tried to convince the market that they looked like that because the mimicked the shape of the taillights. But in the end, they changed them when the Superb II was facelifted. An interesting feature of the car was the twin-door trunk opening, which allowed to open the luggage compartment with or without the rear windscreen. It was a simply clever option.

Inside, the car featured a comfortable and spacious interior. In the rear door panel, the Superb featured an umbrella. It was placed on the left or on the right side, depending on the left- or right-hand-drive. For the top trim level, named Laurin&Klement (after the founders of the Skoda car-maker), the Superb offered features fit for any premium car brand.

Under the hood, the Superb was fitted with a choice of engines and transmissions. For starters, it was a 1.6-liter diesel engine, fit for Taxi drivers. The top-level was powered by a 3.6-liter V6 engine mated to a 6-speed Tiptronic (automatic) gearbox and all-wheel-drive.

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SKODA Superb
SKODA Superb   2006 2008
2006 2008

The Czech carmaker Skoda refreshed the Superb lineup in 2006, adding some minor changes to the exterior and improved its engine lineup.
Since it was already under Volkswagen’s ownership, Skoda received access to new technologies and platforms, and the Superb received a 10 cm (3.9”) longer wheelbase version of the Passat’s base.

The car’s exterior looked very similar to the German Passat, and the carmaker tried to add some subtle changes so the two brothers won’t look the same, at least from the rear-view mirror. So, the front fascia was changed, and the Superb received new headlights and a new grille with black vertical slats. It was the new corporate grille that was already installed on its smaller siblings, the Fabia and Roomster. In the back, Superb featured new taillights with a squared clear area around a red part for the reversing and turn-signals lights.

Inside the cabin, the main differences were focused around the driving post. Inside the instrument cluster, the designers installed new lettering for the dials. Between them, the carmaker kept the LCD for the on-board computer. Skoda installed a new plastic panel for the center stack, which looked as good as one installed in an Audi A6. It was a big step forward for the car’s look. Thanks to its extended wheelbase, there was as much room as an Audi A8 on the rear seats.

Skoda dropped the 1.9-liter turbo-diesel under the hood and replaced it with a 2.0-liter unit that developed more power and ran cleaner. Also, a 2.5-liter turbo-diesel made its appearance.

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SKODA Superb
SKODA Superb   2002 2006
2002 2006

The Superb is a new model introduced by Skoda in 2002 and based on a Volkswagen platform, in this case the B5, just like Audi A4 and Volkswagen Passat.
In fact, there are many similarities between the Skoda Superb and the Volkswagen Passat, many people considering the automobile manufactured by the Czech company a longer version of Passat. And it is longer than Volkswagen Passat with approximately 10 centimeters but it still shares a lot of parts with the German car. Obviously, it is powered by multiple Volkswagen engines, starting with a turbocharged 1.8-liter engine and ending with a 2.5-liter V6 TDI able to produce 195 horsepower.

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