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SUBARU 360   1958 1971
1958 1971

Intended to help motorise the Japanese population after the WW II, the small Subaru 360 was the company’s first produced automobile.
Complying to the Japan’s Kei car regulations, the Subaru 360 had to be incredibly light, besides the imposed maximum capacity of 360 cc.

To make the most out of the small engine, Subaru fitted the 360 model with a fiberglass-made roof and a plastic rear window. Besides the innovative fiberglass roof, the small sedan also featured a both front and rear independent suspension, but at the same time, it was fitted with primitive mechanical brakes and a 3-speed gearbox.

The Subaru 360 had a 356 cc engine displacement and the air-cooled unit was mounted transversely at the rear.

The first car in its class that offered seating for 4 adults, the small Subaru 360 had a monocoque construction and was fitted with rear-hinged doors.

Besides the sedan body style, other variants were also produced, the Custom station wagon, a convertible and two sporty models with a slightly upgraded engine, transmission, seats and a tachometer.

Released in 1958, the Subaru 360 was produced until 1971. While the first generation was not very appreciated in the US, considered not acceptable due to the lack of power and reduced safety, the later models quickly gained popularity.

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