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TOYOTA VERSO-S Verso-S  2010 2022
2010 2022

Based on the same platform as the Yaris, the Verso-S lost the Yaris nameplate and tried to distinguish itself as a separate Toyota model.
The second generation of the Verso-S came on the market in 2010. It was a bold move on a market where the SUVs were gaining more and more customers.

Since it was based on the Yaris and it tried to keep some similar shapes, the 2010 Veso-S sported similar-shaped headlights as its small-sized hatchback sibling. The Verso-S was taller, like if the designers took a picture of a Yaris and stretched it upwards. Thus, it resulted in a very raked front end that started from the grille and ended on the roof. In the back, the tailgate was vertical, and that led to a roomier interior.

Inside, the carmaker installed higher seats, but it didn’t try to fit three rows. Two of them were just enough to fit five adult passengers. To enhance the car’s interior, Toyota offered an option of a panoramic glass roof, which was an unusual feature for the small segment. The interior designers moved the gear selector on the center stack, both for the manual or automatic transmission. Unlike some versions of the Yaris, they installed the instrument cluster in front of the driver, with a panel divided into three dials. The coolant-temperature gauge was removed and replaced with a warning light.

Under the hood, Toyota offered a choice of two engines: 1.33-liter gasoline and a turbo-diesel, both paired to a six-speed manual.

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