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ASTON MARTIN DB4 GT  1959 1963
1959 1963

The Aston Martin DB4 GT saw daylight in 1959 as a high-performance version of the initial DB4 model.
Apart from benefiting from Carrozzeria Touring’s lightweight chassis construction, the GT also featured a thinner aluminium bodywork and enclosed headlights. The drop in gross weight, combined with a powerful 3.7L - or 3.8L - engine delivering 302 hp, enabled the DB4 GT to reach 0-60 mph in 6.1 seconds and top around 153 mph. This model also provided the base for the newly-developed DB4 GT Zagato launched by Aston Martin at the 1960 London Motor Show. The DBA GT was sold in 75 units until its discontinuance in 1963.

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ASTON MARTIN DB4   1958 1963
1958 1963

Aston Martin introduced its brand new DB4 model at the 1958 London Motor Show.
The first big hit about this new sports car from Aston Martin was the lightweight chassis structure developed by Milan-based Carrozzeria Touring. Then there was the all-new 3.7L 6-cylinder inline engine, delivering 240 hp and designed by Tadek Marek. Throughout its 5 years in the production series, the DB4 received no less than five updates, the most ‘aerodynamic’ of which being the one in 1962 (featuring a longer body). Also in 1962, the Aston Martin DB4 was available in a convertible variant (70 units were sold until model’s discontinuance a year later).

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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