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BRISTOL 412 Convertible
BRISTOL 412 Convertible  1975 1978
1975 1978

After they stopped producing airplanes, the Bristol company started to build cars.
Three decades after WWII was over, the British company introduced the 412 Targa.

It was a strange marriage, with the bodies being built in Italy, then shipped to the U.K. in Filton to meet their chassis. But, somehow, that recipe worked for a few years. To spice things up, the engine came from the U.S. In the end, it was difficult to say if that was a British car.

The wedge-shaped vehicle, with flat surfaces and angular lines, was imagined in Italy. A long and flat hood, a flat front fascia, and flat front fenders made the car look angular. The cabin was short and it featured a targa-top. While the roof was removable and could have been stored in the trunk, the B-pillars remained on the car along with the security arches. There was a folding rear canvas-back, to cover the rear seats. So, if the top was kept in place and the rear was folded down, the car was converted into a landaulet. The result was an eccentric-looking vehicle.

The interior had other interesting features. With a wooden dash panel and a leather-covered instrument cluster, the car offered an exclusive look for its owner. In the middle of the dash, there was the air-conditioning unit. On the floor, on the transmission tunnel, the car-manufacturer installed the gear-selector for the 3-speed automatic gearbox. To justify the high price-tag, the car featured leather upholstery as standard.

Under the hood, the 1975 Bristol 412 featured a V8 Chrysler engine. Its price was just below a Rolls-Royce Corniche.

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