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CITROEN C4 Aircross
CITROEN C4 Aircross   2012 2017
2012 2017

Well yes, better late than never, as the old saying.
At least that was the case with the C4 Aircross, as this compact SUV was the first one in the Citroen range, years after most of the car manufacturers released theirs.

For 2012, Citroen joined forces with Mitsubishi to develop the C4 Aircross that shared its platform with the Mitsubishi ASX, a platform that was also shared with the Peugeot 4008.

While sharing the mechanical structures, each of the above mentioned SUVs had different lines.

The C4 Aircross was designed to stand out in the crowd with the distinctive front end. Featuring vertical LEDs that we have previously seen with the DS3 and chevrons extending over the entire face, the SUV was an attractive car.

While the exterior was beautifully designed, the interior was a bit disappointing due to the quality of the materials used. Considering this, competitors like the Tiguan, Kuga and over small SUVs were a better choice.

Cargo space oscillated between 416 L and 422 L, smaller than the Tiguan’s.

The standard models used a 2-wheel-drive system, while the four-wheel-drive was optional. The all-wheel-drive system included driving selectable modes: 2WD for fuel efficiency, 4WD to distribute the torque between the front and the rear axles as necessary and the lock mode that increased the torque distribution to the rear wheels for improved grip.

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