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DAEWOO Leganza
DAEWOO Leganza   1997 2002
1997 2002

When Jaguar rejected the Kensington concept car made by Giugiaro, Daewoo stepped in and grabbed the project and transformed it into the Leganza as their mid-size executive car.
The Korean carmaker was eager to get rid of the older GM platforms, but it couldn’t do that before developing one of its own. It managed to build one with independent suspension in all corners and transversely mounted engines at the front, with front-wheel-drive. But since the Kensington was longer than the Leganza, the final product didn’t look as stunning as the Italian concept car.

Still, the Leganza looked better than any other Daewoo and even than many other mid-size sedans on the market. Yet, it lacked a famous badge on the hood to help it sell better. Its rounded headlights and curved lines were part of the bio-design era, which was the mainstream of the mid-’90s. In the back, Daewoo installed rounded taillights flanking the trunk lid opening. The Korean carmaker added some chromed accents on the three-part front grille and the trunk to make the car look upmarket.

Inside, Daewoo tried to offer the best materials it had and still keep the car on a budget. The entry-level SX featured cloth upholstery, while the full-options version, named CDX, sported a leather-clad interior and plastic wood trims on the dashboard, center console, and door panels. Its front bucket seats were wide and comfortable, while the back seats provided enough comfort for two adults.

Under the hood, Daewoo installed a choice of two gasoline engines developed by GM. It paired them either with a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic.

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