FERRARI 365GT4 BB/ 512BB/ 512 BBi

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FERRARI 365GT4 BB/ 512BB/ 512 BBi
FERRARI 365GT4 BB/ 512BB/ 512 BBi   1973 1984
1973 1984

Ferrari dropped its classic engine architecture and introduced the horizontally opposed 12 cylinders on the BB series in 1973, and improved its cars handling.
With the Dino sub-brand to tackle the lower-priced vehicles, Ferrari could focus more on its high-end products with 12 cylinder engines. The Italian supercar brand introduced a flat-twelve engine, but it wasn’t a true boxer unit since its firing order was different. But the carmaker still named it a “Boxer” engine and placed it next to the Berlinetta name. It resulted in the BB plate used for several vehicles.

Leonardo Fioravanti designed Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer while still working for Pininfarina Studios, and it was a true masterpiece of its times. The flowing lines, the pop-up headlights, and huge turn-signals remained unique design cues for the Italian brand. Fioravanti tried to keep the sidelines clean and didn’t install any side-scoops on the body panels to feed the engine, and he insisted that the car had to have its radiators at the front, tilted so the car could get a lower, flat nose.

Inside, the supercar featured two bucket-seats at the front, separated by a center console with buttons and switches for several functions. Strangely, Ferrari carried over the buttons for power windows from its Italian friend Fiat, and they did look strange between the typical Ferrari switches. The dials and gauges installed on the dashboard were spread from the steering wheel’s outer side to the center stack. The manufacturer installed the most essential three dials: the tachometer, the speedometer, and the oil pressure gauge in front of the driver. Everything else was not as necessary as these.

Ferrari installed a flat twelve-cylinder engine behind the cabin. It sent the power to the rear wheels via a five-speed manual gearbox.

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